Mike Cork starts each weekday morning with The Hallelujah Morning Show with Mike Cork and Friends

Creative-marketing guru Michael Cork takes over airwaves in the mornings

“The Hallelujah Morning Show with Mike Cork and Friends’ airs on weekday mornings from 7 am-10 am and deliver a healthy dose of coolness, laughter, praise, and a selection of the best gospel music to start your day. 

The morning show features a variety of special guests and their unique segments discussing relevant topics, such as mental health, financial wellness, fitness, sports and more.  Some of the guest include WCTV news anchor, Lanetra Bennet, ‘Conversation with Nicole’ host, Nicole Everett, and award-winning gospel artist Earnest Pugh with his segment ‘Worships leaders lounge’. 

“I’m super geeked to be a part of the Hallelujah Morning show with my boy Michael Cork,” Pugh said. “I’m going to be heading up a segment called ‘The Worship Leadership Lounge’ where we will impart wisdom and give you practical instructions for effecting the flow of worship; it’s going to be amazing.” 


Weekday Mornings: 7am-10am EST